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Autonoma AI

Your Solution Provider for AI Training Data

About Us

Our Mission

We strive to create realistic synthetic training data to enable faster and more affordable development of AI.

The Problem

AI systems need large amounts of annotated training data. Annotating data is traditionally done by manual labour making it a very costly and time consuming process.

Our Solution

We have developed technologies to generate realistic training data using simulations, i.e. synthetic training data. 

These products and services can be offered independently to fit your needs. Our goal is not to replace your existing simulator pipeline, but empower it.

What can we offer you?

Synthetic Data

Through our simulator we can provide synthetic data that covers a plethora of scenarios, including edge-cases that may be too difficult to record in person.

Custom Worlds

Do you need custom worlds for your own projects or simulations? Through our own technology we can create worlds both manually and through procedural generation.


Is there a specific asset you are looking for, or maybe a pack of them? We we can create an asset to fill a specific need, or we can create the same asset (like a rock) with many varieties to enhance your projects.

Contact us

Anton Kloek

Anton Kloek

Data Scientist

M.Sc. Algorithms, Languages and Logic, Chalmers


Stefan Svahn

Stefan Svahn


M.Sc. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Engineering Physics

Victor Weidar

Victor Weidar

Game Developer

B.Sc. Game Design and Development

Devdatt Dubashi

Devdatt Dubashi

Chief Scientist & Co-founder

Professor CSE Chalmers Uni.
Leads the Machine learning and Algorithms group
Ph.D. Cornell University, U.S.A.